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company branding

Do you have a brand that your target market understands and believes in?

This is often overlooked by companies that primarily sell to other companies - which can leave you reliant on time-consuming and costly campaigns to support specific products. By getting the basics right, you create a strong and credible basis for all your communications to the market you’re trying to reach. 

It’s starts with a crystal-clear explanation of who you are, what you do and why you do it. Authentic and believable messaging is the link between your business and marketing strategies. We will find the kernel of truth that chimes with your target market and accurately explains the value you offer.

​Widesight services in this area include strategic planning (including capability statements and market analytics), visual identity, audio-visual branding, brand guidelines, website design and social media strategies.  


Watch our video about how 'why' is important.

brand awareness

Social media has changed the way we do business. There are so many opportunities to connect and engage – but it’s easy to miss those moments. 


The key to making social media work  is continuous and consistent content that demonstrates value. This can yield phenomenal results in terms of sales growth – but it takes time and commitment.

​We can help you with content creation (white papers, blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics and webinars), content socialisation and give you the tactical marketing strategies and analytics to drive your marketing, sales and business development plans.

​It's all about bringing opportunities to your door.

​We work with companies and budgets of all sizes to build brands, demonstrate credibility and grow sales. 


Watch our video about our market development package

product promotion



To grow sales, you need to demonstrate that your product or service is the best solution to the client problem.


This is about understanding who the client is, explaining how and why your solution works and providing evidence that you can deliver.


We can help you with all of this.


Starting with your client drivers, we’ll help you determine the right messages, social media strategy and content.


And then we’ll produce the optimal mix of high-quality material such as infographics, explainer videos, brochures, factsheets and blogs.



Video case studies immerse the viewer into a three-dimensional, technicolour, visual and visceral world. It’s a world of ambition, innovation and achievement - showing skills, people, successes and client partnerships. It’s evidence, and evidence does the talking more than any amount of sales and advertising language. 

Video is the most engaged-with media, and it’s perfect for sharing - through direct contact media, social platforms and events. 

Once they’ve seen the video, the audience is on a direct pathway towards connecting - after that, it’s just a matter of developing that relationship to fruition.

Read about our case study product here.

stakeholder engagement



In a technical environment, know-how and expertise is the bedrock of business success.


Clients need to know that you’re an expert and that you’re committed to their industry. They need to believe what you say. They need to believe in you. 

We help you share your knowledge and messages via an independent forum.


This could be a bespoke set up, where we interview you on specific topics about your company, or it could be a broader platform which enables stakeholders across your industry to share knowledge and stimulate dialogue. 




Your corporate messages are an opportunity.

Whether challenging or celebratory, they are the things that your stakeholders care deeply about. They are an opportunity to enthuse, inspire and influence. To demonstrate credibility, gravitas and value. To engage on a personal level.


Our C-Suite video service will give you the independent validation that will unite people, create momentum and inspire confidence. 

The right message will make the difference.

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