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To market a business you need to understand an industry.

We are known as the renewable marketing specialists for good reason - we know that market.


Renewable energy provides the solution to the most important challenges in the modern world. To many it is the answer to climate change, to some it is about a self-sufficiency and to others it brings power to communities who have none. So decarbonisation sits at the very top of the global agenda with political and social demand for an energy transition.  


However the renewable energy technologies have evolved from two of our most important industries - energy and marine - which together, make everything we do possible. 


We work with the industries who drive the energy transition because we understand them.

Energy. Marine. Power.


"A Widesight project is about meeting your objectives and surpassing them.


It's about honest, transparent and friendly relationships where you can rely on a dependent, understanding and hard working business partner. It's about achievement, gratification and delight.


So whether you ask us to - refine your messaging into a battlecry that shows industry your value - create designs that wow your market - or develop content that elevates your position - we will deliver.

it's why we have our 4 guiding principles and why each project has a Widesight catalogue number.

We are about doing things right."

John Meins

Creative Partner

John is a creative professional who has been producing video content for over 20 years

and worked with experts in the energy and marine sectors for almost three decades.


"Imagine working with a marketing agency that already understands renewable energy, knows the market and can straight away apply their creative and strategic know-how to solve your problems.


Imagine the agency is really, really committed to painstakingly unearthing the most pressing issue, the critical differentiator, the killer message, the un-ignorable media and the most perfectly targeted plan of attack.

Imagine that, in working with that agency, you get the relentless energy of a lean core team who are driven by delivering practical, tangible results for you and bring in additional skills only when they’re needed.


This is Widesight." 

Nova Garabetian
Account Partner
Nova is a marketer with 15+ years experience,

including in-house positions at Shell, Orsted (formally Dong Energy) and Lloyds's Register).


Principle 1

We only work with industries

we deeply understand.

Principle 2

We will find the ultimate differentiator in every product.

Principle 3

Our energy and imaginative horsepower knows no bounds. 

Principle 4

A successful project is defined by tangible client benefits.